Monday, July 24, 2017

Stubborn waves

Waves after waves fold out to the walls and recede
Walls too high...walls too strong

The moon shines and burns both sides of the wall
The very same moon

Waves keep pouring their soothing grace up till the walls
Hoping the same to get carried in some mysterious way, through the tricky paths of worldly wisened jungles of people and a talkative mind, to carry peace, to carry dreams, to carry two moments of solace.

Waves keep going to the walls
Hoping the walls have gotten shorter, thinner, weaker
They keep caressing the green lichen on the walls
Hoping they have become cooler

They keep looking at the sky overhead
Hoping it has become more blue
The blue of new morning

But they dare not burst forth the wall
What if there is no sand to wet on the other side
What if it's a vacuum,  a dark hole gaping at them

They will loose their reason to come to the wall every day
They will loose the rhythm;
the game of wax and wane with the moon, that they now so happily play


  1. Beautiful heart felt let the stubborn waves remain stubborn for is n't in it that it realizes its purpose of life :)

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